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GODPTC’s Selective Payment Policy! 

GodPTC started with great bang!

Good RR  Average, Great Contest, Good Membership returns, Nice Website design and promise’s!


freebitco-banner1229Earn $200 Worth Bitcoins Every Day!

But unfortunately it is now paying selectively to some members!


The TOS says payments will be received in 48 hours, but members are waiting for a month!

I Joined this site as a Promoter and Moderator and received free Poseidon membership from Admin!

But it’s too difficult to get your payment here! The site goes off and on anytime!

I had to write in the forum twice to get my payment as the Admin did not answer support ticket!

I helped a lot of members including my friend Catalle get the payment!

I was no longer the Apple of the eye for Admin!


banner_728x90Unlimited BitCoin Earnings!

I fight for standard members and I will continue to fight! Time is money and we all need money after spending our time clicking ads!

When I asked for my payment third time! The Admin suspended my account with no explanation!

He deleted all posts of members asking for money and even banned some!

How cruel his intentions are! Beware of this fraudster Admin and please don’t invest in this site!

The facts are based on personal experience and data collected by suspended members!

I wish you all the best!

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