About Us

A Tribute To Trusted Blogging

This Blog is a result of the Trust and Patience the PTC/HYIP followers  and bloggers have for the PTC/HYIP products/services.

PTC (Paid to Click) products/services have flooded the internet market recently. This website provides an opportunity for active PTC (Paid to Click) Followers  and Bloggers to write and share their experience while using these products. As a result the Authors of this website write experiential blogs on tried and tested PTC (Paid to Click) websites that are paying to standard members as promised.

Followers and Bloggers active PTC (Paid to Click) experience brings in an ambiance to blog on trusted and paying sites. The follower and blogger with evident trusted artifact can get his/her story published on Trusted Paying PTC (Paid to Click) website.

Some Bloggers and followers on this blog are/have been moderator’s on some active/inactive PTC (Paid to Click) websites.

About Authors

Bloggers like Kapsi  is on the Leader Board of Trusted Paying WebSites. His expertise to understand and recommend a trusted paying PTC (Paid to Click) website is experiential as he believes in bringing the truth to his followers and referrals in his forums. He has been a moderator on various PTC websites. He has received highest views on stories in a lot of forums of active/inactive PTC (Paid to Click) sites. He has been/is Moderator of Guruclix, Cliquesteria, Buxaccepted, Qbitbux, GodPTC, Relianceadz, Buxify, Buxvillage, Earnvertise, Ironclix, licebux, vaubux etc…to name some.

“You don’t realize that you are bleeding till you get the second blow”  – kapsi in a PTC forum


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